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Practical and Inspiring

Nancy's remarkable intuition, humor and decades of business experience give members of her audience the insight into who they are and the work that will make the best use of their natural talents and interests.

 Nancy can speak to your group on the following topics:

  • The Steps to Finding (and Succeeding at) the Work That Matches Your Strengths, Values and Temperament
  • The Five Passion Clues: How to know when you are on - and off - the passion path
  • Conquering the Six Fears That Hold You Back: Fear of Poverty, fear of criticism, fear of loss of love, fear of illness, old age and death.

Upcoming and Recent Engagements

Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 9:30-11:30

Career Actions Ministry

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Mt. View campus fellowship hall

1667 Miramonte Avenue

Mt. View, CA 

Contact: Marcia Davis-Cannon - uncoveryourcalling@gmail.com

During this interactive presentation I will discuss the clues to passion and the signs that let you know you are off, way off the passion path.  The event is free and open to everyone.









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