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Career and Life Consulting

If you are like many of my readers, you need help getting through the steps in Work with Passion and Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond. You are too close to the problem to be objective. More likely, resistance to change causes you to put off doing the assignments, or to give up when you feel overwhelmed. When you do complete the exercises, you can't make sense of what they mean. Working with me gives you insight as well as structure.
Clients appreciate my intuitive, unconventional approach to solving career and life problems. My directness, sense of humor and four plus decades of experience save them time, money and grief. I understand the fears that are a normal part of the journey to self confidence, chiefly the fear of poverty and criticism. There is nothing more rewarding than when something I say or do helps my clients overcome these fears. Those Aha! moments make my day, my week and sometimes my year.
There is no quick and easy way to discovering the work that's right for you, if it were everybody would love their work. You have to be willing (and desperate enough) to make honesty your priority, and to persevere through the setbacks that test you along the way. Rest assured, when you are serious about letting go of what holds you back from being all you can be, you will create the life you were born to live. And you will earn a good living.

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