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A secret is something that is not generally known by most people. Those who love their work and do it well all have certain characteristics. Check to see which of the following passion secrets is true about you. Your answers can pinpoint what you need to work on if you are to find your passion.

Passion Secrets

1.  Know what you feel as well as what you think.
2.  Understand the past so you won't have to repeat it.
3.  Know your strengths and values as well as your home address.
4.  Keep in mind that getting there is all the fun.
5.  Work with people whose values match yours.
6.  Choose the niche that allows you to reach your full potential.
7.  Do your homework so that you are well prepared.
8.  Speak and write clearly.
9.  Trust your instincts.
10. Remember that freedom is the result of self-discipline.
11. Take time to savor and integrate success before you move on to the next challenge.