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Loneliness is a painful feeling most of us will do anything to avoid. As I discuss in my blog for Third Age, feelings of alienation are often estrangment from ourseleves.

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A client asked me to speak at his wedding about maintaining a sense of self within the context of an intimate relationship. I expanded what I said that day for my latest blog for Third Age. The co-editor in chief chose exactly the right image.

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Getting caught in conflicts that never end is demoralizing; knowing how to stay out of them is exhilarating, as I show in my latest blog for Third Age.

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My latest blog for Third Age shows why the journey to the niche in work that is right for you takes several tries before you get it right.

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Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s year old wellness venture asked contributors to submit their definitions of success. The beginning of the year is an apt time for all of us to rethink what makes us happy.

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This is the time of year when commencement speakers encourage graduates of all ages. The editors at Thrive Global, Ariannna Huffington’s new wellness venture asked me and other contributors to submit the advice we’d give to our younger selves. Feel free to pass on the link to those who'd enjoy reading the blog. 

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How Not to Fail is the title of my latest blog for Third Age. Success begins with asking yourself why you want what you want.

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Fulfillment is the satisfaction you feel when when your needs are met, such as emotional connection, recognition and security. One of the most important needs is for meaning in what you do for a living. When that need is met, the rest of life tends to fall into place: finances, relationships, and your mental and physical health. Why this is so is the topic of my latest blog for Third Age. Feel free to pass on to those who would enjoy reading it.

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Have you set goals in a new year that failed to materialize? To rmake sure you reach your goals they have to meet 3 criteria, as I outline in a reprise of a Third Age blog.

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The word change often stirs up anxiety, but what if change is for the better? My latest blog for Third Age shows why change isn't always scary.

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Ideal is a word that can lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment, but ideal is the right word for  the job that is natural for you, as I discuss in my latest blog for Third Age.

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My latest blog for Third Age discusses how the brain displaces uncomfortable feelings into bodily pain. Acknowledging our own and others' feelings sets us free to be healthy and fully alive.

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Faith and Reason are at odds when we are too optimistic, and when we base decisions only on what we know. My latest blog for Third Age describes how faith and reason can work as partners, not adversaries.

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The first month of a new year is an opportune time to write a must-have list. In my latest blog for Third Age, I discuss the difference between what you want and what you must have to be happy.

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What is the first feeling you have when you hear the word change? Excitement? Fear? A mixture of both? September's blog for Third Age makes the connection between newness, fear and creativty.

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In my latest blog for Third Age, I discuss the importance of doing meaningful work: the activity that lifts our self-esteem. 

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When someone you care about is experiencing difficulties, it’s good to know what to say or do that will help them. In my May blog for Third Age, I discuss the correlation between helping and independence; and that, by contrast, rescuing fosters dependence. Feel free to pass on the article to those who want to know the difference between helping and rescuing.  

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How do you see yourself? As I explain in my March blog for Third Age, an accurate self-image is the best predictor of success in work and life.

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Do you know yourself, and where you will thrive in work? You will find the answer in my February blog for Third Age.

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My new year's blog for Third Age discusses the key to a balanced life.

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Kimberly Palmer, senior money editor at US News & World Report interviews me and others about how to avoid financial problems in midlife and beyond.

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If you've ever wondered how competent you are, you'll enjoy my post for Third Age that discusses the Cornell University study on the difference between capable people and those who think they are capable.

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Seeing others as they are, not as you want them to be is the topic of my July blog for thrid age, a website dedicated to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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April's blog for Third Age shows why spring is the right time to clear the way for what is new and better for us.

Third Age blog - 4/28/14

My new year's blog for Third Age describes the three criteria you need to follow to reach your goals in 2014.

Third Age blog - 1/16/14

How to change a life script that always ends in failure is the subject of December's blog for Third Age.

Third Age blog - 12/30/13

In my November blog for Third Age, I show how to set boundaries that lead to mutuallly respectful relationships, at home and work.

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My recent blog for Third Age shows that aging is a positive experience when your work gives you emotional and spiritual satisfaction.

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In my latest blog for Third Age, a website dedicated to a healthy mind, body and spirit, I discuss why ambivalence indicates values are at war. Priortizing what is most important to you bring inner peace and contentment, the ultimate success.

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Some life events can be uncomfortable, but they force us to let go of habits and beliefs that are detrimental to our growth. Holding on to what is familiar feels right, which is why change is difficult. In my latest post on Third Age, I explain the process of becoming comfortable with choices that work.

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How do you know when you are in good emotional shape? My blog for Third Age, a website that promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit, describes three symptoms that let you know you are doing just fine:

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Women For One - 2/19/13

Women for One is a global community of women that recently featured Work with Passion, and an article about how to get past the gatekeepers to success.

In an article for Third Age, a site dedicated to your good health, I write about the antidotes to the fears that are bad for your health.
Jim Thayer, well-known writer and editor, asked me to write a guest blog with my advice for writers. 

The greatest happiness at work (and in life) comes when we don't settle for mediocre results. Instead, when we do a thorough job (don't cut corners) and we push to give our best effort, then we are rewarded with inner satisfaction--happiness.
In this Care2.com article, read how Carol learned to honor her own values, and learned to stop repeating her mother's unhappy life.
In the article below, I discuss how one of my clients realized creativity was what he loved in his business, but he was embarrassed to admit that creativity was a "need".  
Learn the value of regular review of our lives--looking back at both mistakes and successes.
Change for the better takes place in three stages. To learn more, click on the link below to the ThirdAge.com website where they have posted my article on how to navigate the three stages.
As you know, whenever you step into the unknown up the fears come to frighten you. You’ll be glad to know there are antidotes that bring your worst fear down to size.
Career Builder/Prime, a Web site dedicated to experienced workers, recently posted my article about how to identify and market your strengths. Note the many helpful articles CB/Prime lists on the right hand side of the page.
Jon Mueller introduces the new book.
 Nancy tells IBD, "It's never too late to do what you love".
This article shows how Joanna used her natural skills and found her right niche in work.