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In this YouTube presentation, I speak about discovering passion in midlife and beyond to Inside Edge, a networking group for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Inside Edge

I talk about the midlife book in my interview with Patricia Raskin, host of Positive Business radio show in Rhode Island. Her show highlights entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, CEOs, business and leadership coaches among others that appear as guests of the show.

radio interview

I talk with Darien Marshall, host of the blog talk radio show It's All About You about the three characteristics of people who work with passion and make the money they need.

10-6-14 It's All About You Interview

In my intervew with Darien Marshall, host of blog talk radio show It's All About You, I explain that finding your passion is synonymous with knowing yourself, and this is why it can take a while. Like Goldilocks, you may have to try several "beds" before you discover the niche in work that is just right for you.

It's All About You link

How to identify a good critic is one of many questions I answer during a lively radio interview with Patricia Raskin and Mari Anne Snow of Positive Business.
"How do you deal with negative people in the workplace?" asked radio hosts Colleen, Liv and Joan.  Listen in to hear how you can stop being drained by negative people around you. 1/28/11
Conscious Talk Radio hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears talk with Nancy about the importance of finding your authentic self in order to find the work you love. 1/27/11
I talk with Ellen Barone on BlogTalkRadio about passion in midlife.  5/06/10
Radio interview with Bill and Ron at KKZZ 1040 AM in Ventura.  4/12/10
 Interview with Anyta Perido at KFNN AM radio, 4/07/10

In the audio of a lively television interview with veteran broadcaster Jack Hanson, I talk about the 20th anniversary edition of "Work with Passion" and the first steps to finding passion.

click here to play Hanson interview

Steve Mariboli, host of Empowered Living Radio, talks to Nancy about midlife, and how to find the work you love.   Listeners from across the country text in their questions and  Nancy answers them.   4/5/10
 Lifestyle coach Barb Scala, from Bloom With Barb, talks to Nancy about what gets in the way of finding the work you love. 4/01/10
Nancy is interviewed by Barry Kibrick for his television show, Between the Lines. Once you click on the link below, type in Nancy Anderson at the top of the page, click search, then select her interview.